Improve your English, maths and IT skills

Find out how your library can help you with essential skills and life long learning

Maths, reading and writing for adults

We have books and CDs to help you improve your maths and English. You can use these to learn in your own time or to help with school or college.

These books and CDs are for adults but many are good for children too. Ask a member of staff to help you.

  • Basic English - grammar, spelling and punctuation books
  • Quick Reads - these exciting, dramatic and funny stories are ideal for adults who've stopped reading or find reading difficult and for regular readers who want a short fast read.
  • Penguin Fiction Readers - a wide range of reading materials for different abilities
  • Barrington Stoke books - great stories written by well-known writers
  • Sharp Shades Easy Reads - an easy read for improving readers
  • Assorted abridged novels (shorter versions), including classics and other fiction titles
  • CD book packs to read and listen together
  • Reading group sets - there are limited amount of multiple copy sets of essential skills texts available for loan

English as a second language

As well as the range of literacy texts which support reader development of any language we also have:

  • visual dictionaries - dual English and different Language
  • basic English - grammar, spelling and punctuation

Returning to reading

For people that are learning to read again, we have:

  • pictures to share range - illustrated for people with dementia
  • CD book packs to read and listen together

Help to do things online

Digital Brighton & Hove is a one-stop-shop for help with getting online in Brighton & Hove and is updated regularly with free or low cost activities for computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Drop-in support for online job search /creating an email address /accessing public services is widely available. Visit or ask at any library (call 01273 290800). Good IT skills make it easier to find a better job – check for coaching sessions and classes, and also for places to use computers or wifi free of charge.

Whether you’re 18 or over 80 our free Library Connect sessions offer one-to-one tuition with a volunteer and usually last 45 minutes. You can have up to 8 sessions with us. We can help you make the most of the internet. Find out how to use email and get help with everything from online benefits claims to using the internet on your phone. Find out more about getting online in libraries.