Organising an event on council land

How to get permission to hold an event on council land.

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If you want to hold an event on land owned by the council, you need permission from our Events Office.

Before planning your event please contact us to make sure the area of land you want to use is available and suitable for the type of event you are proposing.

Information about organising an event on council land

  • anyone can organise an event
  • an event can be anything from a sponsored walk or community picnic through to large-scale music or sporting spectaculars
  • anywhere outside on public land can be considered a possible event site. Examples are a park,community space, streets or the seafront
  • you can have an event at any time of year
  • please read our events policy including fees and charges. Details can be found in the Outdoor Events Policy (PDF 903KB).
  • expect to be asked to pay a fee for the use of our land.

Download charges for outdoor events (PDF 300KB) for further information on the charges for events to take place on council land.

Application process

Contact us to find out if the date for your event is available.

Once we've agreed your location with you, please complete the event application form and letter (MS Word 188KB).

You must send a comprehensive risk assessment for your event with the application. 

If everything is in order we will confirm your event.

You will then need to obtain public liability insurance for your event. A copy of your public liability certificate must to be sent to the Outdoor Events team to gain full consent for your event to take place.

We also require events organisers to complete the Sustainable Commitment form. This should also be returned to the Outdoor Events team. We're committed to managing the risks and environmental impacts of our activities, and to encouraging and supporting others to do the same. We want to continuously improve the environment for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors.

If you wish to advertise your event you can hire advertising space on our double crown poster sites (which are on the seafront between the Brighton & Hove boundaries, Upper and Lower Promenade).

How to contact us

Events Office
Brighton Centre
Kings Road

Telephone: 01273 292712      

Find more information on organising a safe event.