Carden Hill Woodland Planting

Information about how we're planting trees in Carden Park.

An exciting opportunity has arisen to improve Carden Park for people and wildlife.

2,000 trees and shrubs were planted during spring 2021 by members of the City Parks Ranger team with support from Brighton & Hove City Council Tree Planting Officers. A further 6,000 will be planted over the coming years.

Unfortunately, we were unable to involve the public during Phase 1 due to COVID-19 restrictions, but we look forward to local people getting involved (restrictions allowing) from this summer onwards.

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer on the site, send an email to and include ‘Carden Hill Tree Planting’ in the title.

The ‘Woodland Edges’ will be planted with trees and shrubs that form a lower fruiting/flowering canopy that fringes the main planting areas.

A printed version of these plans can be viewed in the Old Boat Community Centre during opening hours. A3 laminated signs are displayed near the planting site and a version is shown below.

We also plan to restore flower-rich chalk grassland by introducing sheep grazing and create a flower-rich ‘B-Bank’ for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

This forms part of our response to the biodiversity and climate emergencies and supports our objectives to become a carbon-neutral city by the year 2030.

Map showing Carden park and where trees will be planted. We will start in 2021 by planting trees along the Northern edge of the main park to create a new wooded area. We will also be clearing some of the scrub in the Eastern side of the park to make a pathway between the two sections of existing species-rich grassland. The existing sections of trees in the south of the park will be expanded and the B-Bank for pollinating species will be set up just aside from the western edge of the park.

The council welcomes your feedback regarding these proposals. To comment, send an email to with ‘Carden Hill Tree Planting’ in the title.