• Title of artwork: Viaduct Lighting (programmed to be on from dusk until midnight)
  • Materials: Luminaries
  • Location: Preston Road and Beaconsfield Road arches
  • Artist: DO-Architecture
  • Date: 2009
  • Online map: Viaduct Lighting Google map
  • Information and map download: Viaduct Lighting [PDF 306kb]

DO-Architecture were commissioned to mark the brick arches situated to the north of Brighton at Preston Road and Beaconsfield Road. The arches act as gateways in and out of the city and support the eastbound railway traffic to and from Brighton Station. DO-Architecture decided to add light and colour to the aged engineering brick surfaces to enhance the elegance and scale of the arches.

White lights are positioned inside gaps between each arch which provide a strong, striking contrast to the colours that shift slowly on the inner face of each arch. The light installation compliments the brick structures, creating a drama that highlights visitor's arrival or departure from the city. Technically the installation uses solid state technology in all lights, resulting in very low energy consumption with minimal maintenance.

DO-Architecture have created other public artworks in Brighton & Hove including, the decoration of Hove Station Footbridge, 'The Wave' at Brighton Marina and another coloured light installation at the Brighton Station underpass on Trafalgar Street. For more information about DO-Architecture go to

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