Public art trails

Discover the city's public art

This trail includes light works and illuminations in the city.

It begins on West Street and takes approximately 1 hour. 

Public Art Trail 4 Google map

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The Cones

Standing at the bottom of West Street you will see The Cones, three brightly coloured light sculptures, situated on the central reservation.


From 'The Cones' head north on West Street turning right at the Clock Tower on to North Street. Walk south on North Street turning left on to New Road where you will find Drift.


From 'Drift' continue along New Road, cross straight over Church Street onto Jubilee Street where you will find Jubilee Library and Liquidus.

Brighton Station Underpass Lighting

From 'Liquidus' walk to the end of Jubilee Street, turn left onto North Road and walk northwards to the top of North Road and turn right on to Queen's Road. 

Continue straight on Queen's Road towards Brighton train station, once outside, facing the front of the station, head left and down onto Trafalgar Street and through Brighton Station Underpass Lighting.

Viaduct Lighting

From 'Brighton Station Underpass Lighting' continue straight down to the bottom of Trafalgar Street, turn left on to York Place and continue straight on to London Road. 

Follow London Road straight over Preston Circus onto Preston Road and under the Viaduct Lighting brick arches.

Sylvana Sculpture

Continue along Preston Road and turn right on to Springfield road, on the left you will see Wellend Villas and the Sylvana Sculptures.