Public Art: Taj Gates

Taj Gates

  • Title of artwork: Taj Gates
  • Materials: Pressed out sheet metal, galvanised
  • Location: Montpelier Road, off Western Road
  • Artist: Christian Funnell
  • Date: 2003
  • Information and map download: Taj Gates (PDF 358KB)

The 'Taj Gates', made by Christian Funnell, were commissioned as part of the conversion between the Debenhams Store and the Taj Supermarket. The galvanised steel vehicle gates illustrate a variety of exotic produce such as squashed star fruit, okra and patterned detail of pepper, salt and cumin seeds.  All of these illustrate the smells that come out of the Taj market. The fruits are separated into sections representing the display in the shop and are crowned with Taj Mahal shaped domes.

Funnell enjoys bringing hand worked objects to urban spaces and likes the way a suggestion or an idea can be brought to life within everyday objects such as gates. He trained as a painter and it is clear from his detailed artworks that his metal work is just an extension of this but on a mass scale canvas. Some of Christian Funnell's other public artworks in the city include the 'Avalon Gate' on West Street and the 'Airfix Gate' at Pelham Terrace. For more information on Funnell's work go to

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