Public Art: Sylvana sculptures

Wellend Villas

  • Title of artworks: Sylvana 1 and 2
  • Materials: Galvanised mild steel, stainless steel
  • Location: Wellend Villas, Springfield Road
  • Artist: Simon Moss and Peter Layton with Jeremy Lord
  • Year: 2009
  • Online map: Sylvana sculptures Google map
  • Information and map download: Sylvana Sculptures [PDF 241kb]

'Sylvana 1 and 2' are trees that will never drop leaves or need pruning. They were made by Simon Moss and Peter Layton and commissioned as part of the development of Wellend Villas. The exterior sculptures are 3.8m high and are situated on the raised decking in the communal courtyards within the complex. The pieces combine galvanised mild steel, with textured and mirror polished stainless steel, all built to withstand the conditions of their seaside location.

The sculptures include low energy LED lighting systems which add movement and sparkle when it gets dark. The lighting has been designed in collaboration with local artist Jeremy Lord. The works add a final flourish to the spaces, providing a focal element for residents whose windows and balconies overlook the courtyards and each flat has a different view of them.

Area Development Manager, Liz Hills, said: 'The aim of the project was to give Wellend Villas a strong signature look and works of art that our residents could enjoy. The tree forms give the new development a fun and vibrant personality very much in keeping with the modern design of the development.'

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