Public Art: Series of carved oak sculptures

Egg-Guinness Trust

In 2005 Walter Bailey was commissioned to enhance the surrounding area of the City Park office and residential development close to Hove Park. Bailey carved a series of circular oak sculptures that mirror the curved lines of the parkland environment. The sculptures are carved directly out of the treetrunks, giving a sense of life and growth. The 'Seedheads' consist of three tall, budding seeds that shoot up vertically, these are situated in the closed grounds of the offices. 'Cone', Cylinder' and 'Egg' are three smaller sculptures with rhythmic patterns running through the oak, they stand alone in the gardens of the Guinness Trust residential development.

Cone-Cylinder Wimpey

'Cone Cylinder' is a sculptural focal point in the centre of the Wimpey residential apartments that can be seen from the path as you exit the top of the park.

Walter Bailey works outside and uses the woodland as his studio. He carves directly into wood with a chainsaw, a method that is fast and allows him to create his ideas with great accuracy. For more information on Bailey's work go to

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