Public Art: Library Artworks


  • Title of artworks: 'Uncover-Discover', 'Liquidus', 'The Wall of a Thousand Stories'
  • Materials: Etched glass with fusion glass, wood and glass, kiln fired ceramics
  • Venue/Location: Jubilee Library, Jubilee Street
  • Artist: Georgia Boyd Russell, Caroline Barton, Kate Malone
  • Date: 2004
  • Online map: Library Artworks Google map
  • Information and map download: Library Artworks [PDF 292kb]

Jubilee Library is home to three very different pieces of public art that enhance and complement its architecture and design. 'Under-Discover' is a large glass sculpture by Georgia Boyd Russell. It hangs from the ceiling above the entrance. The double page of the Oxford Dictionary that contains the library definition has been worked on to the glass and a leaf pattern weaves between. At night a spot light moves across the glass, highlighting the words like a torch.

Liquidus, Library benches

'Liquidus' consists of two sculptural benches by Caroline Barton that are positioned to the left of the entrance in Jubilee Square. They are made of wood and acrylic slices sandwiched together with florescent tubes shining up through the middle of the pieces. In the day they look like organic, sculptural rock pieces. At night the illuminating blue glow makes them look lighter, clearer and futuristic.

The Wall Of A Thousand Stories, Library wall

'The Wall of a Thousand Stories' by Kate Malone was commissioned for the Children's Library. Over 90 twinkling ceramic pieces decorate the large deep blue coloured wall. The artist was inspired by her own bedtime stories with daughter Scarlet; “We make up tales by taking three random things and weaving a story together that will include these three elements.” This interactive work is used by children, families and groups to inspire and enhance story telling.

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