Public Art: Kiss Wall

Kiss Wall

  • Title of artwork: Kiss Wall
  • Materials/Size: Pierced aluminium and paint, 4m high and 1.5m wide
  • Location: Brighton seafront, opposite East Street
  • Artist: Bruce Williams
  • Date: 1992
  • Information and map download: Kiss Wall [PDF 230kb]

'Kiss Wall' is an iconic seafront sculpture by Brighton based artist Bruce Williams. This vertical aluminium column sits parallel with the seafront on Brighton's top promenade. As you walk past and look out to sea, the light shines behind the column and the images become clear showing six varying images of people kissing. Six photographs of people from different ages and genders were transferred on to a dot screen and then drilled through a thick sheet of aluminium; the effect is similar to a pop art picture with the dots forming the image.

The delicate, sensitive nature of the subject matter and the images is a striking contrast to the solid aluminium material. 'Kiss Wall' illustrates the diversity of Brighton's population, celebrating equality, understanding and acceptance between all individuals. Bruce Williams creates 'Art in the real world' and has continued to make public art in cities across the UK. One of his latest projects in 2008 was 'Hreod Elements', four sculptures depicting the four elements which were designed in collaboration with pupils and staff at Nova Hreod College and is situated in the entrance to the College in Swindon. For more information on Williams' work go to

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