• Title of artwork: Drift
  • Materials / Size: Strings of LED's protected by a glass and steel cap and embedded into hard wood benches that run for 60 metres
  • Location: New Road
  • Artist: Esther Rolinson
  • Date: 2007
  • Online map: Drift Google map
  • Information and map download: Drift [PDF 256kb]

'Drift' is a light installation by Esther Rolinson and was commissioned as part of the landscape development of New Road. The piece is made up of over 200 LED's that are set into the long wooden bench that has been built over the wall of the adjoining Pavilion Gardens, opposite to the Theatre Royal. 

Esther Rolinson has designed the lighting so that the LED's are individually controlled and form a three dimensional screen that is programmed to play simple sequences. The movement of the light gives the effect of shadows blowing over the surface of the benches. 

Rolinson's work focuses on environments. The bench comes to life at night with the rest of New Road and makes a significant contribution to the theatrical and 'cafe society' atmosphere of this newly refurbished area in the centre of the city.  For more information on Rolinson's work go to www.estherrolinson.co.uk.

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