Public Art: Cut and Sediment


'Cut' and 'Sediment' are two contemporary sculptures designed by sculptor Ekkehard Altenburger and made of Irish Kilkenny limestone. They were commissioned by Karis Development Ltd. to act as gateway markers into Connaught Road from Church Road, as part of their residential block development. The sculptures combine and reflect the contemporary urban architecture of the new building as well as the undulating features of Hove Library and Brighton & Hove's shoreline which lies in the opposite direction.


Altenburger's sculptural work often operates within an urban setting. Aspects of architecture and landscape are major influences in his work. He is based in London but has produced public artworks in Switzerland, Italy and Portugal as well as the UK. One of his recent public art projects is 'Aesculapian arch', a sculpture made of silver grey, beige and red granite for Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. For more information on works by Ekkehard Altenburger go to

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