Public Art: The Cones

The Cones

  • Title of artwork: The Cones
  • Materials/Size: Resin, metal halide lighting, steel-360 x 100cm, 300 x 120cm, 240 x 140cm
  • Location: Central reservation, West Street
  • Artist: Raphael Daden
  • Date: 2001
  • Online map: The Cones Google map
  • Information and map download: The Cones [PDF 303kb]

'The Cones' are three coloured light sculptures created by Raphael Daden and positioned in a line in the central traffic island of West Street. The sculptures have been constructed from layers of pure coloured translucent polyester resin and glow from within by lights situated in their hollow cores. They vary in brightness and have colours of yellow, red, green and blue from top to bottom. This gives the visual affects of a sunset on Brighton seafront, which falls as a backdrop to the sculptures.

Raphael Daden creates unusual sculptural forms which reflect the natural environment. As with 'The Cones' he often uses strong outdoor materials involving light and enjoys the different challenges that this creates to working in a gallery space. He believes; 'Both light and colour have the power to transform mood, atmosphere and meaning, generating an immediate and powerful response from the viewer.' For more information on Daden go to

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