Leaseholders - update your contact details

Please use this form to tell us about any changes to your contact details and let us know if you are sub-letting your flat.

you'll need to tell us:

  • property information
  • your contact information
  • information about the joint leaseholder if it is a joint lease
  • information about your tenant if you are sub-letting 

Buildings insurance cover

Buildings insurance cover is automatically provided by Brighton & Hove City Council as part of your service charge. However, as a council leaseholder, if you sub-let your flat, your lease requires you to keep the council informed of any changes. You must also ensure that tenants adhere to the covenants contained in the lease as you are responsible for their actions.

Letting your flat is a material risk accepted by the insurers and may restrict the cover given in the policy. An additional premium may be imposed by the insurers.  If your home is unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days, you will no longer be insured against loss or damage to the building caused by escape of water or theft, unless you notify us and the insurers agree to extend the cover.