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We are a diverse group of people working in a wide range of jobs from lifeguards on the beach to lawyers and accountants, from tree surgeons to refuse operatives, from care crew to comms professionals.  

Hear what they have to say about working here: 


Housing Repairs 

“Every day is completely different, we really get a chance to help people from the local community and it feels great to have made a difference at the end of the day” 

City Clean

"I enjoy my work very much. I’m out in the open air, I know what I need to do and I’m trusted to do it – that means a great deal to me. I’m lucky to have friendly, helpful colleagues and I can contact my managers about anything and be listened to."

Planning Team

"I enjoy working here. Brighton & Hove is an interesting and diverse place to live and work. As a Principal Planner, I regularly deal with strategically important major development proposals which can range from tall buildings to urban fringe extensions to schemes with complex heritage considerations. There is high demand for development in our city and I enjoy being a part of shaping its future."

Customer Modernisation Team

“Having worked for BHCC for just over three years now, there is one thing that has struck me – the variety of work. From the Brighton Centre to schools, the seafront and historic clocktowers, I have carried out repairs, maintained and restored such a varying degree of construction types. No project ever feels daunting as there is a wealth of experience in our team, that I know I can rely upon for support and advice whenever needed.

I like the sheer variety of work that goes on here - I get to work across so many different areas. I also like the ethos of council, flexi time, and supportive approach that I see so often. The flexible working scheme just makes doing all those things you need to get done during work hours – appointments, getting things fixed at home, all those child related things – done, without having to take leave. During lockdown I also did some of the online activity classes – that really helped when there were so few options for exercise.”

Homelessness Prevention Team

“I’ve been really lucky and had very supportive managers and teams. There’s a real sense of community among staff here and everyone’s very approachable and supportive of each other. If you’re having a hard day, there’s always someone to check if you’re OK and ask if you need any help. Unlike other jobs I’ve had before, there’s no competitiveness or people one-upping each other, just people doing what they can to help the city and each other. The work can be quite emotionally challenging at times, but there’s always plenty of support to make sure you’re able to stay healthy.”


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