Apply for a job at the council

Find out how to apply for a job at the council and what happens during the recruitment process.

Prepare for an interview

Arrange your interview

If your application is successful, we'll invite you to attend an online interview. We will send you details and how to access Teams before your interview.

The interview date is usually a week after we send you an email so you have enough time to make arrangements to attend. The dates we plan to interview are often included in the job advert.

Get ready for your interview

The interviewers will ask you questions to help them decide if you're right for the job. You may also need to do a test or give a presentation, but we'll tell you this in the invitation email.

Prepare for your interview by thinking about how your qualifications, experience and abilities meet the job requirements. You'll need to expand on the points you've already mentioned in your application.

The interviewers will try to make the interview as comfortable as possible, so you feel relaxed and able to perform at your best.

You'll have a chance to ask questions at the end. The interviewers will let you know when you're likely to hear if we want to offer you the job.

If you have any problems with the interview, or if you have a disability or impairment and need us to make any adjustments, please contact the recruiting manager before the interview.