About hybrid working

Many of us have had to change the way we work because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has created advantages for some and challenges for others.

Hybrid working is an opportunity to create a better way of working for everyone, so we won't return to the way we worked before the pandemic. 

Hybrid working is being able to work from different locations at different times. This could be a mix of working in an office and at home.

It places a greater focus on the work you do rather than where or when you do it. 

We're developing hybrid working for the council that: 

  • supports colleagues, customers and members
  • improves staff wellbeing, accessibility, and inclusion
  • makes us an employer of choice
  • reduces our carbon footprint across the city 

The information in the hybrid working pages can support you and your team to make new working arrangements.

What we’re doing

We're speaking to staff to help us decide how we adopt a hybrid working model that is right for us. 

With our offices now open, we're working with services to try new ways of using our spaces. We’re making sure the offices are being used in a safe and effective way.

Based on what we learn from speaking to staff, we'll agree our long term hybrid working plan by mid-2022.

Until then, we'll support managers and staff to take on hybrid working arrangements. We'll help everyone work in the best way possible. 

Staff working arrangements must allow us to support our colleagues, customers and members. Services need to be clear about their service parameters and team agreements for hybrid working.