Keep active

Children and people under the age of 18 should be looking to keep active for 60 minutes a day.

As with adults, this doesn’t have to be all in one go, it can be in bite size chunks throughout the day. 

Here are some ideas to try.


If you don’t have access to Facebook or the internet but would still like help and information phone 01273 294 589 or send an email to


  • go for a walk, jog, run as a family, making sure you abide by the social distancing measures - you could also join the Healthwalks Spring Lockdown Walking Challenge
  • for younger children playing in the house and outside garden space if you have some, play activities like den building, dressing up role play or obstacle courses
  • make sure children and young people have active breaks, away from screens, this can also be for the whole family who maybe working online, make sure they take active breaks to break up times of sedentary behaviour i.e sitting down too much

You may also wish to add more ‘physical education’ type activities into your daily routine.

Things like:

  • practicing throwing and catching
  • adapting a hard back book into a tennis racket to practice striking and fielding activities with a rolled up sock

The Youth Sport Trust provide lots of resources on online, and your child’s schools will also have resources and ideas on their websites and virtual learning platforms.

Specsavers ‘Virtual’ Sussex School Games

On Monday 27 April, the ‘Virtual’ Opening Ceremony will take place on social media for the Specsavers ‘Virtual’ Sussex School Games. It will kick off a term of sporting challenges, giving children across Sussex the chance to represent their schools alongside their friends and classmates, and compete to be Sussex champions.