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Our community Active for Life sessions have been suspended. This is to protect the health of our coaches and participants. 

Most of our sessions are continuing online for people who are already registered with us, via online Zoom sessions. 

The team are also sharing lots of great ideas and resources, such as a daily personal challenge, Stretching with Vanessa, and wellbeing tips. 

Here’s how to get involved:

More information and resources

Healthwalks Spring Lockdown Walking Challenge  

Being outdoors and in green spaces is hugely beneficial to your health. For those of you who are able to go out, it will help keep you fit, relaxed and positive, all of which contributes to a healthy immune system.

All our regular social Healthwalks are suspended so that social distancing can be maintained. Healthwalks are running a Spring Lockdown Walking Challenge for people to do by themselves, or with members of their household.

If you follow some simple guidelines you can still enjoy the benefits of a daily walk and use your steps/miles to add to Healthwalks grand total to be revealed after the lockdown (there will be prizes too)!

Remember the safe walking rules: 

  1. only walk on your own or with members of your household
  2. keep 2 metres (6 feet) away from anyone you pass
  3. avoid traveling to your walking destination and walk close to home wherever possible

How to take part:

How to stay mentally active

How older adults can stay active

Here’s some great ideas and resources to help older people remain physically active and mentally fit: