How to stay active at home during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

During these unprecedented times, we are all taking it day by day as we try to look after ourselves and our friends and family through challenging circumstances. 

Staying physically active is an essential way to look after your wellbeing, de-stress, keep healthy and manage long-term health conditions. 

The activities you do should be at the right level for you, and the opportunities below are accessible to most people, no matter what your age or fitness level is.

Even if you cannot leave your home to exercise because you're self-isolating, or in a high-risk group, we can help. Our Healthy Lifestyles Team and Active for Life sessions and leaders are sharing opportunities and resources to stay active in your home.

It's great to see that the global sport, health and fitness profession has really risen to the challenge of providing online content. 

In this section you'll find ideas on how to be active, links to information, resources and advice about how to get the most from your physical activity and how to exercise safely.

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