Private Sector Leasing Service

We can find a local family to move into your property, manage their tenancy and pay rent straight to you with our Private Sector Leasing Service

How it works

Under our Private Sector Leasing Service, we're responsible for using your property to house local families and manage their tenancy for you.

We'll deal with any issues during their tenancy at no cost to you, and you'll receive a steady income from their rent.

The rent you receive will be:

  • paid by us monthly, directly into your bank account
  • guaranteed for the duration of the lease
  • paid even if no one is living in your property

At the end of the tenancy, we'll return your property to you with no damage beyond fair wear and tear.

Who can apply

The Private Sector Leasing Service is open to all landlords with properties in Brighton & Hove and the surrounding areas.

The service is free, we charge no commission or other fees.

Your property needs to:

  • be a one, two or three bedroom, self-contained property in Brighton & Hove or the surrounding areas
  • be unfurnished and in a reasonable state of decoration
  • be clean, safe and secure
  • meet health and safety standards
  • have current gas, electrical and energy performance (EPC)¬†certificates

How to apply

You can contact us to arrange a free appointment with one of our negotiators by:

After you've had an appointment, our negotiator will visit your property and decide what your rent should be. Your rent will be based on:

  • the size of your property
  • the location of your property
  • rent levels in the local area
  • Local Housing Allowance rates

We'll then let you know if we need any more details or documents about your property.

When you provide these, we'll give you a contract which will include the tenancy agreement and rent level.