New homes for council neighbourhoods

We're developing unused council sites to make the best use of our land and build affordable homes the city needs

New Homes for Neighbourhoods

Our New Homes for Neighbourhoods programme, also known as Estate Regeneration, aims to:

  • make more affordable homes available to council tenants
  • help council tenants who need to move to a bigger or smaller home
  • help council tenants move to a home that meets their mobility needs

We already work with landlords to help them increase the supply of homes across the city. With New Homes for Neighbourhoods, we're building homes on our own land.

What we're building

We're turning unused offices, garages and car parks on council sites into new housing areas. 

The types of homes we build depend on the needs of each area, but all new homes are:

  • easily accessible and adaptable to meet the different needs of residents
  • designed to save energy and reduce fuel bills

At least one in every ten new homes are designed especially for wheelchair users.

We're also working with resident associations to improve and provide new homes in the council estates that need the most investment. 

You can read our latest news about ongoing and completed developments.

How to move into a new home

The new homes we build are advertised for rent on Homemove, and you can make a bid online in the same way as other council properties.

Make a suggestion

We always involve local residents when designing new homes and deciding which council sites to include in New Homes for Neighbourhoods.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the programme you can contact us by: