New affordable homes in the city

We're working with The Hyde Group to provide affordable housing for families on lower incomes, through our joint venture called Homes for Brighton & Hove.

Homes for Brighton & Hove

Homes for Brighton & Hove is a partnership between Brighton & Hove City Council and the Hyde Group.

By working together through the partnership, Hyde and the council can combine resources and provide new affordable homes for local people that the city urgently needs.

Our aim is to build 1,000 new affordable homes over the next few years, which will be specifically for lower income households in Brighton & Hove.

You can find full information on Homes for Brighton & Hove on the Hyde website.

The benefits

  • Half of the new homes will be available for rent from Brighton & Hove City Council, to people on the city’s joint housing register, on low social rents
  • Half of the new homes will be available to buy as shared ownership homes from Hyde
  • The energy efficient homes will reduce energy demand and fuel costs for families.

What we're doing now

Construction of 242 new homes on land to the east of Coldean Lane and 104 new homes on the site of the former Belgrave Day Centre in Portslade began in summer 2021. Both developments homes are due to be complete in 2023.

Further sites are currently being identified so that we can deliver the remainder of the homes planned.

How to apply for a new home

For rented homes, you can join the housing register and apply for the new homes when they're available.

For shared ownership, the homes for sale will be advertised on Hyde New Homes, where you can register and apply.