Policies and strategies in general housing

Feasibility review, Housing stock review and Stressors report

In March 2023 Cadence Innova and Metastreet produced a Feasibility review and Housing stock review and Stressors report. This gives us a robust basis for deciding our selective and additional private sector licensing approach.  
The reports show data analysis, findings and observations in relation to private sector housing licensing schemes for:

  • selective licensing for privately rented properties let to single family household or two sharers 
  • additional licensing for smaller houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) let to 3 or 4 unrelated people, forming 2 or more households sharing amenities, for example a kitchen or bathroom

If you'd like a printed copy or a copy of these reports emailed to you, send an email to housing.strategy@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

Draft homelessness and rough sleeping strategy 2020 to 2025

Draft Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2020-2025 In 2019 Brighton & Hove carried out a review of homelessness and rough sleeping and related services. It also carried out consultations with residents, service users, voluntary and statutory services, charities & community activists with experience in this area. This is the draft strategy that is now out for final consultation, closing on 14 Feb 2020.

Housing strategy 2015

Housing Strategy 2015 aims to address important citywide issues that affect the population of Brighton & Hove – both now and in the future. The strategy is for everyone living in Brighton & Hove and identifies the main housing issues for the city that the council and its partners are working to address.

Rough sleeping strategy 2016 to 2020

Rough sleeping strategy 2016 to 2020 Through this strategy, all those with a stake in Brighton & Hove need to work together to prevent homelessness and rough sleeping, and to support those affected into regaining their independence so we can deliver our vision to make sure no-one has the need to sleep rough in Brighton & Hove by 2020.

Homeless strategy 2014 to 2019

Homeless Strategy 2014-2019 (PDF 790KB) sets out the difficulties for the city’s local population in securing accommodation across the different tenures, finding themselves in a housing crisis and homeless.

Local housing investment plan 2012 to 2015

Local Housing Investment Plan 2012-15 (PDF 2.34MB) sets out housing investment priorities for the city and is designed to ensure that any future investment is aligned to local priorities and supports growth in homes, jobs and communities.

Private housing renewal assistance policy

Private Housing Renewal Assistance Policy covers how the council delivers assistance to private owners and tenants to help repair, maintain or adapt their homes.

Tenancy strategy 2013

Tenancy Strategy 2013 sets out a framework for providers of social housing (registered providers and councils) that informs them of what the local authority expects them to have “regard to” when developing their own tenancy policies, the types of tenancies they should offer and the rent levels we would like to see to make sure homes remain affordable.

Traveller commissioning strategy 2012

Traveller Commissioning Strategy 2012 sets out to tackle the fundamental inequalities Travellers face and the issues caused by the shortage of suitable stopping places, poor health, safety and wellbeing, poor education attainment and improve community cohesion.

Allocation of temporary accommodation policy

Allocation of Temporary Accommodation Policy (PDF 22KB). The council has a legal obligation to provide housing for some homeless clients and for some social care clients.

Trans housing guide

Trans Housing Guide aiming to help members of the Trans community know what protections and rights there are to help them access accommodation.