Moving out checklist

You need to end your council tenancy before moving out of your council property.

When you move out, remember to:

  • hand in all keys to the property to your local housing office by the agreed date
  • remove all your furniture, belongings, rubbish and any floor coverings in bad condition
  • carry out any repairs you're responsible for
  • give your gas, electricity and water meter readings to your utility supplier
  • tell our Council Tax team you're moving and give them your new address
  • tell our Benefits team you're moving and give them your new address, if you receive benefits
  • take your pets with you when you move

You should also:

  • make sure the property is clean and the garden is tidy
  • turn off the water stop tap to prevent damage from bursting pipes
  • cancel any regular deliveries such as newspapers
  • make sure the windows and doors are secure
  • report any repairs you're not responsible for
  • return your visitor's parking permit, if you have one

If you don't remove, repair or clean things in the property you're responsible for, we may charge you for these costs.