Terms and conditions

This licence is for a car parking space, garage or multi-use storage space, referred to in this document as ‘the space’. This licence is between ‘you’ as the licensee and Brighton & Hove City Council (referred to as ‘we’ or ‘the council’).

By submitting your application for a licence you agree to:

  • pay the weekly licence fee, including VAT where required, by Monday of each week when it’s due, preferably by Direct Debit – your licence will be at risk if payments are not made
  • not allow anyone else to share or take over ‘the space’ from you as licensee, (not applicable for Ingram Estate light touch scheme – see below)
  • (for car parking spaces and garages only) not hold more than one ‘space’
  • (for car parking spaces and garages only) park the vehicle that the council has the registration (V5) document for, which must be in the name of the person applying for ‘the space’ - this means your V5 document must show your name as the registered keeper
  • keep your vehicle taxed, insured and in a roadworthy condition - the space cannot be used to store a vehicle that has been declared off the road (SORN)
  • only park your vehicle inside ‘the space’ – parking in front of the space is not permitted as it causes obstruction
  • (for car parking spaces only) let us know if a vehicle is parked in your space by contacting the Housing Customer Service Team on 01273 293 030 - you must park on street and not park in another numbered space until we have authorised you to do so
  • (for car parking spaces only) clearly display your vehicle permit in the windscreen of your vehicle in your space – if you do not, you will receive a Parking Charge Notice
  • (for car parking spaces only) tell our Housing Customer Services team if your permit is lost or stolen by phoning 01273 293 030, to get a replacement before parking in the space
  • (for multi-use storage spaces only) only park a non-petrol driven vehicle such as a mobility scooter, electric wheelchair or bicycle in ‘the space’
  • use ‘the space’ only for parking your personal vehicle, which is in daily use
  • use ‘the space’ for personal and domestic use only and never for the purpose of trade or business
  • not use ‘the space’ for the storage of personal effects or furniture
  • not store petrol, diesel, oil or any other combustible or flammable material in ‘the space’
  • ensure ‘the space’ is clean and tidy, as well as the area around it
  • not do or allow anything to be done in or around ‘the space’ which may cause a nuisance or annoyance to the council or anyone in the neighbourhood
  • not use ‘the space’ to provide a platform for extremist activities or messages to be broadcast
  • report any disputes or disturbances regarding ‘the space’ to the council
  • not to make alterations or additions to ‘the space’ without written consent from the council
  • allow access to ‘the space’ as required by council officers, contractors or authorised representatives for inspection or maintenance
  • tell Brighton & Hove City Council as soon as possible if any repair to ‘the space’ is required
  • accept an alternative ‘space’ from the council when needed
  • pay for new locks, keys or security cards (unless they are clearly proven to be faulty)
  • tell our Housing Customer Services team if your address changes by phoning 01273 293 030

Brighton & Hove City Council agrees to:

  • keep ‘the space’ in reasonable repair and provide a permit and/or set of keys at the start of the licence period
  • give you reasonable written notice for non-urgent matters when we require access to ‘the space’ - if we don’t receive a response we may still have to access ‘the space’
  • try to make contact with you in an emergency, but if we can’t, we may still need to access ‘the space’ without notice

Brighton & Hove City Council won’t:

  • accept any responsibility for any damage, deterioration, loss or theft of your vehicle, or for any other item contained in ‘the space’
  • accept any liability for any loss or damage caused by other persons preventing access to and from ‘the space’ or using it without permission
  • allow applicants with council housing arrears, such as rent, to hold a licence unless they are keeping to an agreed arrears repayment schedule

Ingram Estate

The above applies to the Ingram Estate housing dedicated ‘spaces’, which are enforced all day. Dedicated spaces are only for use by residents who have a corresponding numbered permit, authorising them to park there.

Light Touch spaces

The Housing light touch spaces at the Ingram Estate are enforced 10am to 11am and 7pm to 8pm.

Within the housing light touch scheme, other residents with a light touch vehicle permit can park in any unmarked bay. Bays are not allocated to individual residents.

Drivers without a vehicle permit can park in the unmarked bays outside of the enforcement periods stated above.

Visitors will need to display a visitor permit if visiting between the hours of 10am to 11am or 7pm to 8pm and can only park in unmarked bays.

Professional carer’s badges are also valid in the unmarked bays on the estate.

Ending your parking space or garage licence

You may end the licence by giving the council 7 days’ notice. Vehicle permits will expire on a Monday.

Email your notice to housing.customerservices@brighton-hove.gov.uk or write to Housing Customer Services, Housing Centre Unit 1, Fairway Trading Estate, Brighton, BN2 4QL.

You must return the keys and/or permit to a local Housing Office on/or before the Monday after the licence expires.

Please make sure you clear your ‘the space’ prior to returning the keys to the council. If you don’t, we will consider the content abandoned and may charge you for the cost of clearing the garage.

The council ending your licence

Brighton & Hove City Council may end the licence for non-compliance by you with the conditions outlined above. When the licence is ended, the permit will become invalid.

We’ll end the licence by giving 7 days’ notice in writing, to be sent first class to your home or last known address. Your licence will expire on a Sunday.

We reserve the right to vary the conditions of the licence and the licence fee at any time by giving 1 week’s notice to you, in writing.

Your agreement

I have read and understood the conditions of this licence.

I understand that by proceeding I am accepting the terms of this licence.