Our new Housing Management computer system, NPS Housing is now live from 19 July.

As staff had no access to update our previous IT system during the transfer they will have lots of work to input details of any customer transactions during the period 3 to 18 July.

Staff will take a little while to get used to the new IT system so please bear with us during this time of change.

The new system will enable us to improve the service we provide to tenants and leaseholders.

Residents will be able to log in to a new Housing Online system to update contact information quickly and easily, or check the latest details on their tenancy and home, for example:

  • their rent accounts
  • when a repair is due to be completed 
  • find out about any repairs raised for their block of flats 
  • give feedback in customer surveys

Residents currently using the Customer Online system can still check the old system, but it will not show any new transactions, such as latest rent due or payments received since 2 July.

We’ll be launching our new Housing Online system later this summer or autumn. 

We’ve contacted everyone currently using Customer Online directly to update them and we’ll be creating videos to help guide you through what’s available on the new system and how to use it.