How we invest in your council homes

Find out how we use our funding to improve the service we provide for our council tenants

The Brighton & Hove standard

We make sure all of our council homes meet our Brighton & Hove standard.

This means that our homes will:

You can find full information in our Brighton & Hove standard guide (PDF 168KB).

Investing money

We have 5 priorities for our funding to keep council homes to the Brighton & Hove standard:

  1. Improve services to an excellent standard and focus everything we do on residents.
  2. Improve and maintain the quality of homes and neighbourhoods.
  3. Deliver value for money services and develop a 30 year business plan.
  4. Make best use of our available housing to meet housing need.
  5. Make sure that our housing helps reduce inequality and creates opportunity.

For more information you can:

You can also view a list of major works (PDF 29KB) we're carrying out with Mears Group.

These projects are due to be complete by December 2019, before our contract with Mears ends in March 2019.