About the new framework agreement

We’re setting up a new ‘framework agreement’ to support our in-house repairs and maintenance service.

This offers opportunities for local contractors to bid for work that helps with the delivery of the day to day repairs service and empty homes work to council owned properties. 

The contracts will begin 1 April 2022 and continue for 4 years.

We welcome submissions from contractors of all sizes, including small and medium size enterprises.

Before we begin the formal procurement process, we held an online market engagement session on 20 July to:

  • give general information on the repairs service
  • explain the ‘lot structure’
  • explain what social added value considerations there may be with potential bidders

How the proposed contract framework will work

The framework will be divided into 8 lots, which all contribute towards the delivery of our repairs service.

We’re inviting contractors to work with us and provide their specialist trade knowledge to help complete repairs for our residents in an efficient and timely manner.

The areas the lots will cover are:

  • asbestos removal
  • empty homes repairs and clearance
  • damp and condensation
  • general building repairs, including carpentry, masonry, plastering and plumbing
  • floor fitting
  • roofing repairs
  • scaffolding
  • window and door repairs

We’re anticipating the formal procurement process to invite bids will begin later in summer 2021.