Housing customer account

Find out what you can do online and register for the new housing customer account system.

New system rollout

We launched our new Housing Online system on 2 December 2021. We've now sent an invite to register to all our previous users of the Customer Online system.

We've also sent invites to other customers who have an email address with us. Please check your emails to see if you have received an invite to register.

If you know your ‘party reference’ or ‘payment reference’ you can create an account.

Your new Housing Online account

You’ll be able to use your new Housing Online account to: 

  • view your rent and any other accounts you may have with us so you can check that you're up to date 
  • download rent statements 
  • make payments online 
  • check your contact details and update your phone number and email address 
  • view any repairs you’ve logged in the last 5 months 
  • view the tenancies you have with us including rent, garage and car parking accounts

We also have useful links on our website including switching to Homing In online. This saves paper and postage and reduces our carbon footprint.  

We'll carry on developing the site which will help you to:  

  • set up Direct Debits
  • chase outstanding repairs  
  • report new repairs  
  • view repairs for your block - if you live in a flat
  • see your service charges - if you're a leaseholder

We’ll keep you updated so watch out for an invite from us. 

Log in to your account 

If you're already registered you can log-in to your account to view your details. Please save this to your favourites.

For existing users, please send an email to HOLSupport@brighton-hove.gov.uk if you have any problems getting into the system.