Council housing - report household changes

Use this form to tell us if someone has moved:

  • in to your council property
  • out of your council property

You will need:

  • your National Insurance Number, if you're over 18
  • names, dates of birth and National Insurance Numbers of the other people you live with
  • the date that people moved in or out of your council property
  • the new address of anyone who moved out of your property

You may also need to know if anyone in the property:

  • is disabled
  • is a foster carer
  • needs help overnight from a carer

You will also need to tell us:

  • how many bedrooms the property has

If you need help you can:

Privacy notice

Please tick to confirm you have read the privacy notice that applies to you and understand how we'll use the information you give us in this form.

Read the privacy notice for tenants

Read the privacy notice for lodgers