Charges when you move out of your council home

If you haven't removed or repaired something you're responsible for in the property you're moving out of, we may charge you for the cost of the work


Your tenancy agreement says that you need to keep your property:

  • clean and tidy
  • in a good state of repair

A recharge is a bill we'll give you if we have to carry out work you were responsible for on a property you've moved out of.

What gets charged

You should read our moving out checklist, which shows the things you need to do to avoid getting any charges when you move out.

You can also be charged for:

  • emergency repairs due to deliberate damage caused by any anyone in your household
  • clearing or repairing your garage, which should only be used for storing a motor vehicle

If you made any changes or improvements to your property, check if you should return it to it's original state when you move out. You'll get a charge for the cost of any work caused by changes you've made.