Apply as the lead tenant for a mutual exchange

Find out how to apply as the lead tenant for a mutual exchange

How to apply

Only one Brighton & Hove council tenant should take the role of lead tenant for each mutual exchange application.

If you're the lead tenant, you can start the application online.

You also need to tell all other households involved in the exchange that we're going to send them their parts of the application.

When everyone has completed their part, we'll have received the application. We'll then review all the information and make a decision within 42 calendar days.

Email addresses

In your lead tenant part of the application, you'll need to provide email addresses for:

  • one of the people moving into your current address
  • one person from each of the other properties involved in the exchange, even if they're outside of Brighton & Hove
  • each person over 18 years old who is moving with you to your new address

We'll send each of them an email showing what to do next, and a link to their part of the application.