Housing Benefit - report a rent change

Use this form to report a rent change if you're on Housing benefit. 

This form only collects information if your rent has increased or decreased. If you have moved to a new property please complete a change of address form instead.

If you are a council tenant, you don't need to tell us your rent has changed. The Housing department will let us know.

You will need to tell us:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • any other names you have used in the past
  • your National Insurance Number and Claim Reference Number
  • when your rent changed
  • how much your new rent is 

You will need to show us either:

  • a new tenancy agreement
  • a new letter signed by your landlord or agent containing:
    • name and address of landlord, agent or Housing Association
    • agreement start date
    • amount of rent payable
    • what is included in the rent
    • payment frequency, for example weekly or monthly

If you need help you can:

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