Apply for a hospital discharge grant

Brighton & Hove City Council currently offer a Hospital Discharge Grant to support any older person or disabled person discharged from hospital or intermediate care and returning home.

This extra help is available to help make sure that the home is safe and ready to return to.

Who can get this extra help?

Patients who are:

  • aged 65 or over and/or a disabled person
  • being discharged from hospital or intermediate care and
  • returning home
  • resident in Brighton & Hove
  • a homeowner, private tenant or housing association tenant

What type of work does the grant help with?

The grant helps toward the cost of any urgent home repairs and removing any urgent hazards identified by the discharge to assess team within a day or two of discharge.

The grant is relatively unspecified, the type of work the grant is intended to cover includes:

  • minor work, such as clutter clearance and deep cleaning
  • urgent home repairs
  • heating systems repaired/emergency heating provided
  • emergency locksmith services
  • replacement beds and mattresses
  • emergency food parcels
  • essential electrical appliances, such as microwaves, cookers, fridges, etc
  • emergency pest control services

The grant can also provide interpreting and/or British Sign Language support for patients who require it to facilitate their application and engagement with the service.

What is the maximum amount of hospital discharge grant available?

  • The maximum amount of grant is £2,500. The amount a patient will get depends on the type of work needed and the cost.
  • If the cost is less than £1,000, the patient won’t need to make a grant application. If the cost is £1,000 or more, the patient will need to apply and have the grant approved before work can start.
  • Patients can apply for one Hospital Discharge Grant only, but can be referred to other support services and funding available where appropriate.

Who co-ordinates this funding?

Possability People’s Hospital Discharge Support service co-ordinate the grant applications and provide the practical support to find a reputable provider and get the work done.

They can also provide support and advice for patients to support their ongoing independence and health and wellbeing once home.

Who can make a referral?

Members of UHS University Hospitals Sussex or intermediate care discharge teams (social worker, clinician, therapy or ward staff) can The grant can also provide make a referral on a patient’s behalf; with the consent of the patient.

How to apply

To make a referral or find out more, contact the Hospital

Discharge Support team at Possability People.