Support from a health trainer

A health trainer can help you make changes to your lifestyle that will improve your health. This could be helping you set goals, keeping you motivated or finding other local support.

How a health trainer can help you

Health trainers can give you free advice, support and encouragement. 

They can help you:

  • understand the benefits of changing your lifestyle
  • decide what changes are important to you
  • understand what stops you from making changes
  • set achievable goals
  • cope with difficult situations
  • stay motivated and confident

Health trainers can also help you find activities and other support near to where you live. 

Who can get support

If you’re over 18 years old and live in Brighton & Hove, you can get free support. You need to have an interest in one or more of the following:

How to get support from a health trainer

To get support from a health trainer, for yourself or someone else, fill in the online support form, or phone 01273 294 589. Someone will phone you back to speak to you about how they can help. 

They can meet you up to six times, or if you prefer, they can speak to you on the phone, or by email.  

More information

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