Our Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee agreed to pilot a low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) in Hanover following a deputation presented by Hanover Action (Group) in June 2020.

The introduction of LTN schemes will complement our aim to provide a liveable city for all our residents.

The council declared a Climate Emergency in 2018 and the LTN pilot will contribute to the city’s aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. One of the top three recommendations of Brighton & Hove’s Climate Assembly was for of healthier low traffic/pedestrianised communities.

Potential benefits

  • Unnecessary traffic removed from streets
  • Areas dominated by private vehicles transformed into healthier and safer spaces and places
  • Improved cycling and walking networks
  • Reduced emissions from vehicles and cleaner air
  • Safer spaces to meet, visit businesses and play
  • Opportunity for more plants and trees
  • Reduced crime. You can read about the impact of introducing a LTN on street crime in Waltham Forest, London

Watch this short film to find out how a low traffic neighbourhood can benefit an area.