Environment, Transport & Sustainability (ETS) Committee

On 16 March 2021 councillors at the Environment, Transport & Sustainability (ETS) Committee welcomed the progress made with taking forward the pilot. It will be co-designed with local residents and councillors will review a further report later this year, which will include preferred option followed by a public consultation on the plans.

Councillors agreed to allocate initial funding of £300,000 from the Local Transport Plan capital programme for planning and delivering the pilot project. The first two stages of the project have included engaging with local residents and stakeholders, testing different options and research.

Options for the Liveable neighbourhood area will be presented to ETS Committee.

The third stage will include the public consultation and further stakeholder engagement later this year. Feedback will be used to update the plans and develop the final scheme which will be reported back to ETS Committee to approve scheme implementation and construction.  

Read the report on the Hanover Low Traffic Neighbourhood Pilot scheme development (agenda item number 85).

Watch a recording of the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee.

Our objectives in creating liveable neighbourhoods

The following are our draft objectives. These will be finalised and adopted later this year if approved by ETS Committee.

  • Safeguard access for residents and the needs of mobility impaired people
  • Create inclusive accessible spaces
  • Support active modes of travel (walking cycling, and wheeling) and public transport, through the provision of safe and comfortable routes
  • Reduce the impact of “rat-running” vehicles through unsuitable residential roads
  • Maximise local community input into the planning design monitoring and maintenance of the planning process
  • Improve air quality and respond to the climate emergency
  • Improve the public realm and quality of life – Create better places for residents, businesses and visitors
  • Create neighbourhoods in line with the council’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy and Community Wealth Building Strategy
  • Accommodate Electric Vehicle infrastructure – with best practice for disability access