Low traffic neighbourhoods

The liveable neighbourhood pilot will create a low traffic neighbourhood which will be planned and designed to reduce motor traffic cutting through residential streets in the Hanover area.

Low traffic neighbourhoods schemes minimise the amount of ‘through’ traffic caused by drivers using residential streets to make short cuts to get to another destination. It is important for destinations to be reached using the the major road network wherever possible.

LTN schemes maintain access for private vehicles to homes and businesses within the area and enable priority access for emergency vehicles and council services such as waste collection and public transport.

Traffic is reduced by installing ‘filters’ such as bollards and planters and camera technology

Low traffic neighbourhood schemes can transform areas dominated by vehicles and open up streets for more community uses. They enable more people to travel through the area on foot, bicycle, wheeling or by public transport. Areas can also be used for play and social distancing if required.

LTN schemes also provide the opportunity to create new ‘green space.’ In the Hanover pilot it is hoped that there will be at least one ‘pocket park.’ Find out more about low traffic neighbourhoods and what they do on the Sustrans website. Sustrans is a charity working to make it easier for people to walk and cycle.

There are now many examples of low traffic neighbourhood schemes in London, such as Waltham Forest and Enfield’s quieter neighbourhood schemes.

Get involved and share your ideas

We have created a website where you can help to shape the next stage of designing the scheme.

The website has a map where you can:

  • ‘pin’ things that you would like to see in the area
  • tell us where rat running is a problem
  • where there are other issues you would like resolved
  • tell us about new features you would like to see

You can also leave comments, find out more information and details of upcoming events.

Engagement events

We are also holding a number of engagement events, with others still to be added.

Sunday 17 October: 12noon to 3pm at Hanover Community Centre Garden

Thursday 21 October:  3pm to 5pm outside Millwood Centre – Nelson Row Kingswood and Milner Estate

Sunday 24 October: 1pm to 3pm at Islingword Road – Green space at Beaufort Terrace junction

Wednesday 27 October: 3pm to 5pm at Mount Pleasant – Car park at St Johns Mount

Thursday 4 November: 3pm to 5pm at Elm Grove School

Sunday 7 November: 1pm to 3pm at Chates Farm Court/Albion Hill

Sunday 14 November: 1pm to 3pm at University of Brighton Hall, Phoenix site, Southover Street

Tuesday 23 November: 3pm to 5pm at Carlton Hill School