Walk, think and chat

Where better for children to learn about their feelings and emotions as they relate to the world, than outdoors?

Take a wander through a greenspace or natural area and breathe in the smells, the sounds and the atmosphere. Try not to talk for a bit and listen to how the sounds might change or grow around you.

Pause at places to take a closer look at the floor, a tree trunk, a flower or leaf.

Take your shoes off to feel the ground underneath you. Think about how it feels.

Bluebells covering the ground in a wooded area.

Find a quiet place to sit and spend a few minutes listening and looking.

Then think or chat about:

  • what you love about being outdoors
  • what the first 5 words are that come into your mind
  • describing a colour you love to see outside
  • describing what the outdoors sounds like
  • describing what the outdoors smells like
  • how being outside makes you feel
  • describing a favourite memory of being outside