Walk, think and make

Go for a wander in the outdoors and collect things that make you curious or that you find meaningful.

Take a closer look at leaves and stones and all the interesting things you might find, inspect their colours and shapes.

Bring your treasures back home in pockets and rucksacks to let those things inspire you to make something like:

  • drawing prompts
  • collages
  • prints
  • rubbings
  • nature tables

    You can make art right here and now!

    You could:

    • collect ten or more different leaves
    • explore wherever you are and collect one leaf from each different plant you can find
    • examine each leaf and see the different colours, thicknesses, vein structures etc
    • lay your leaves out on the ground to make a pattern, swirl, circle or spiral
    • thread them onto a stick to display them

    With thanks to land artist Richard Shilling and you can take more inspiration at www.LandArtforKids.com