Finding a teaching job

How to get in to teaching and where to look for teaching jobs.

You can also download the latest issue of the Schools' Vacancy Bulletin, which is published weekly during term time.

Most jobs are advertised around Easter for a September start, but there will be vacancies at other times of the year.

Supply teaching

If you are looking for supply teaching work, please contact supply agencies directly.  If you are a newly qualified teacher (NQT), please note that there are restrictions on carrying out supply work. We recommend that NQTs find an induction post as soon as possible after qualifying, because this gives you a structured programme of monitoring and support. For more information visit the Department for Education's Statutory Guidance for the Induction of NQTs.

Equality and diversity

We are committed to tackling inequality in employment and aspire to achieve a more diverse workforce that reflects the economically active population within Brighton & Hove.

We want to ensure there is equality in our recruitment processes so we encourage all sections of the community to apply for our jobs. Our recruitment and selection is based on an objective application and interview process. You'll only be judged on how your experience meets the actual requirements of the job.

We don't operate a pool system for teachers, as headteachers prefer to see that applications are from teachers who specifically want to work at their school and have tailored their application accordingly.

Due to its popularity as a city, we recognise that finding a teaching post in Brighton & Hove can be competitive. However, there are things you can do to improve your chances.

Have you got the right skills, knowledge and experience?

Have a look at some teacher person specifications from our jobs pages (they will be part of the job pack), these will give you an idea of the skills, knowledge and experience that you'll need. If there are any gaps, be proactive and ask for these opportunities when you are carrying out teaching practice or supply work.

Have you taught in different sized schools, different geographical areas and different year groups? The more experience you have, the more employable you will be. Again, this is something to think about if you are supply teaching, or it may be worth carrying out some voluntary work if you can.

Have you thought about working part-time?

If you are an NQT, you can still carry out induction if you're working part-time, as long as the contract is for at least a term. You can carry out short-term supply work on the days that you're not contracted, which will be valuable experience. Email for further details.

The application process

Download the information link below for some top tips about applying for jobs: