Personal, social and emotional development

Resources for personal, social and emotional development in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Key sites

  • Siren films have a wealth of training films and materials about child development and learning, including current research. The website includes a FREE series of articles from Nursery World by Anne O’Connor about adult-child interactions, starting at a new setting, gender roles and more.
  • Persona doll training - see resources and information from this international organisation that promotes equality and inclusion and challenges discrimination in child-friendly ways
  • Amaze is a Brighton & Hove and Sussex-based organisation offering advice and support to families of children with special needs and disabilities.
  • The Secure Base model works alongside strong attachment practice, and is used by many settings, schools and services in Brighton & Hove

One-off articles

  • An excellent summary of a masterclass on children’s self-regulation is available from the Foundation Stage Forum.
  • Information on the BBC and NSPCC websites might be useful for reference if circumstances arise whereby you need to support children after upsetting national news. Although intended for slightly older children they could be useful to share sensitively with colleagues and families
  • The Youtube ‘still face’ film is a useful team discussion point about interacting with young children.
  • An article reflecting on the quality of daily greetings, using the ORIM framework to consider practice. From Teachwire.
  • This video clip from Jane Evans may be useful to share with specific parents to support them in reducing children’s separation anxiety
  • A ‘worry eater’ doll is being used very successfully to support children’s PSED in a local setting from Sorgenfresser.
  • Self-regulation is discussed in this interesting article by Ali McClure, from the Community Playthings website
  • These ideas about transitions, with top tips for slightly older children on planning positive beginnings and endings, is written with previously looked after children in mind, and is from PAC-UK, the country’s largest independent Adoption Support Agency.
  • An interesting research report, summarised in Nursery World, has found that the skills needed to build friendships is a high priority for children when asked about their own ‘school readiness’.
  • This selection of books focusing on attachment awareness includes some FREE or very low cost booklets available from Timpsons.
  • A comprehensive article about understanding and supporting children’s behaviour is available from the EY Forum, written by Kathryn Stinton, a specialist early years teacher and trainer.
  • Highlighted by Early Education, see Forest schools: how climbing trees and making dens can help children develop resilience, and the linked research.
  • A very useful article from Hanen on how to Use ‘Thinking and Feeling Words’ to Build Your Child's Communication Skills includes sections on Examples of thinking and feeling words, When do children learn words for thoughts and feelings?Why are thinking and feeling words important?, How to help children learn thinking and feeling words and Helping children learn thinking and feeling words. Although written for parents and carers this has excellent material to share with practitioners.