Transition support for young people with complex, ongoing needs

How the 0 to 24 Specialist Community Disability Service (SCDS) pods support young people with complex, ongoing needs.

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Young people who have more complex needs and disabilities and who may need ongoing support from adult social care will be given support from the 0 to 24 SCDS pods that provide support and guidance to parents and young disabled people between the ages of 14 and 25 years. The team is part of the Specialist Children's Disability Service. 

This service is in addition to the support available for all young people with a statement of special educational needs. 

How does the transition team work?

Usually, a transition worker from this team will be allocated to a family with a young person who will need a complex support package.  If you're already receiving support from the Specialist Children's Disability Service, transition planning may be led by your allocated social worker.

A resource panel run by children and adult services must agree on all recommendations for services that are being requested from adult social care.

How to contact us

To contact us:

  • write to: Specialist Community Disability Service (SCDS), Families Children and Learning, Wellington House, Wellington Street, Brighton, BN2 3AX
  • phone 01273 295 550
  • send an email to