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Changes to services due to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Find out about changes to our children's centres due to Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Hollingdean Children's Centre

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Brentwood Road, Brighton, BN1 7DY

Hollingbury and Patcham Children's Centre

Carden Primary School, County Oak Avenue, Brighton, BN1 8LU

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About our children's centres

These centres offers services for families and carers with children under five to all areas of Hollingdean, Preston Park/Preston area, Hollingbury and Patcham, Withdean, Westdene and Tongdean.

The Children's Centre teams, based at Hollingdean Children's Centre and at Hollingbury and Patcham Children's Centre are made up of Health Visitors, Early Years Educators, Group Support Workers, Community Nursery Nurses and Volunteer Skills Development Coordinators.

The team works with families with children under 5, individually and in groups, both in the home and in the children’s centre.


Cherry Tree Nursery is based in the Hollingdean Children's Centre and works in partnership with the centre.

Volunteers, training and centre news

The centre has an Advisory Group that supports and guides the services offered. Local parents are involved in these meetings; please contact the Children's Centre Manager or Volunteer Skills Development Co-ordinator for details.

Volunteer opportunities are available. Please contact the Children's Centre Manager or Volunteer Skills Development Co-ordinator at Hollingdean Children's Centre.

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Ofsted Reports

You can read the latest Ofsted reports for Hollingbury and Patcham and Hollingdean.