Computing and the internet for beginners

This easy-to-follow 10 module course is designed to help you with a very basic understanding of how to operate a computer and the internet, in order to advance your knowledge and master these tools.

Through this course, you'll learn:

  • the basic components and how to operate a computer
  • what software is necessary, to enable a computer to function
  • the tools that are available to correct errors, locate files, undo and redo actions or copy and paste
  • keyboard shortcuts and how you can use them, in order to simplify their experience
  • the fundamentals of the internet, such as how it works and how to find a service provider and activate their service
  • how to use basic internet functions and tools and how to locate and navigate websites
  • the ability to effortlessly navigate their e-mail, even using advanced features
  • familiarisation with social media, learning how to create an account, upload photos and how to use it, in order to professionally connect with people
  • the importance of internet safety and how to create a strong password, in order to safeguard their accounts

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