Coding foundations

The ability to code is one of the most sought after skills in today’s competitive job markets. Whether you have team members who are already in the field and are looking to advance their position or outsiders who would like to get their foot in the door, understanding the basics of coding is a must.

In this course, you'll learn about:

  • the roles that ciphers and cryptography played in the development of modern day coding
  • the concepts and terminology that are essential, in order to write proper code
  • the role that mathematics plays in coding and the basics of binary
  • in the context of coding, your team member will learn what the basics of variables are, why they’re so important and how to use them
  • the different types of data that exist and the various ways in which they’re used
  • how to limit the time spent on and increase the quality of your code, by using built-in functions
  • the proper way to organise your programme and why it’s important to do so
  • the basics of Object-orientated Programming and the 4 principles that define it
  • why it is so important to use code

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