It's illegal for someone to run an animal activity business without a licence. This includes people who provide dog day or overnight boarding. It also includes those who breed dogs for sale from their home. 

If they're not on our list of animal activity licence holders, they may not have a licence.

How to report it

You can report an unlicensed business to our animal warden team. Send an email to or phone 01273 294 266. 

In your report, please tell us:

  • the business, personal name and address where the activity takes place
  • details of the service
  • details of your experience with the business 
  • why you believe they’re operating without a licence

We’ll decide if there’s enough evidence for a full investigation. 

If we do investigate, you may need to give a formal written statement. You may also need to make a declaration to support the council as a witness. 

Your personal details will be confidential unless the investigation becomes a legal matter.

Read our animal wardens complaint or query privacy notice for information on how we collect, store and process your data.