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This document may not be accessible for screen readers. If you need an accessible version, please send an email to animalwardens@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

Guidance on completing the witness statement

  1. Start by stating your full name and address
  2. If the statement is made by someone under 18, you must state the age of the witness. If over 18 then ‘over 18’ is fine
  3. Only write what you actually saw, heard or felt, don't include anything that someone else (a third party) told you they saw
  4. Only write the relevant facts, don’t guess or assume what others felt or thought
  5. Go through the incident in the order it happened, give the date, time and location
  6. If you want to us a document or photo as evidence, give it a reference number and refer to it in the statement
  7. If you use more than one page, number the pages
  8. End with this paragraph: 'I believe that the facts stated in this witness statement are true' 
  9. Sign after the last word, so nothing can be added without your knowledge, then sign and date at the bottom of the last page

To help us investigate 'dog on dog' attacks, we also need:

  • address details of the attacking dog because we cannot take action without this
  • description of the attacking dog, this includes breed and markings
  • any distinguishing features
  • the dog’s age, if you know it
  • description of the owner or dog walker and their name if you know it
  • to know if the dog was on a lead
  • the location, date and time of the attack
  • name, address and phone number of any witnesses, if you have this information
  • any photos of the incident or the dog’s injuries
  • to know if you’ve had any vet bills because of the attack
  • contact details of your vet