Animal activity licence holders

Find a list of businesses that have a licence for dog boarding, cat boarding or selling pets.

Businesses with animal activity licences

Name Licence issued for Star rating
Beach Barkers Pet Services Dog Boarding
Brighton Barkers Dog Boarding 5
Coastway Cattery Cat Boarding 5
Snobby Doggy Dog Boarding 5
Eddie's Pad Dog Boarding 3
Tates Mayberry Garden Centre Selling Pets 5
Wendy's Walk & Board Dog Boarding 5
Maidenhead Aquatics Selling Pets (Fish) 5
Roxi Dog Walking Dog Boarding 4
The Brighton & Hove Pet Concierge Dog Boarding 4
Furb&B Dog boarding 2
The Crusty Crab Aquatics  Pet Shop 2
Growlers Pet Services  Dog Boarding 4
RSPCA Animal Boarding 3

Find out how the star rating system works (PDF 230KB).